Rules & Regulations

General College Rules

  1. School starts at 7.30 a.m. and all students are expected to be punctual.
  2. School days are normally from Monday to Friday. If school is to be held on Saturdays for any reason, adequate notice will be given to the parents.
  3. If a child is absent from school for any reason, a letter from the parent stating clearly the reason for the absence should be sent to the Class Teacher on the first day the child comes back to school.
  4. If a child is absent for more than two days, which is only allowed due to illness, this must be substantiated with a medical certificate.
  5. Medical appointments and family functions as far as possible should be arranged outside school hours. If such appointments are made due to exceptional reasons, prior permission should be obtained from the Sectional Head.
  6. If leave of absence during the term for longer periods, that is for more than 3 days due to unavoidable reasons is needed, it must be approved by the designated Vice Principal.
  7. Any child who is absent from school will not be permitted to represent the school or the House is any activity, except with prior permission of the Principal. This also applies to practices which takes place before or after school.
  8. No child will be permitted to leave the school premises during school hours unless permission has been obtained in writing from the Principal or the Vice Principal.
  9. Leave for travel abroad must be obtained from the Principal in writing at least two weeks prior to the date of departure from the Principal. Such travel during term time is discouraged.
  10. As poor attendance in class is a matter of concern, a minimum attendance of 80% will be required for each term. Children who fail to maintain the required attendance other than for reasons of genuine illness or exceptional reasons, and who have not obtained prior permission from the Principal, will be removed from school.

Home Study/Home Work

  1. Parents are urged to ensure that children spend adequate time at home to complete homework or fulfil home study programme.
  2. A child in the Primary School should spend a minimum of one hour, a child in the middle school a minimum of two hours and a child in the upper school a minimum of three hours daily as home study programme and parents are expected to ensure the above.

Restricted Areas

  1. The following places are out of bounds to all students of the college.

College Uniform

  1. Primary & Middle School:
  2. Upper School:
  3. White longs, short sleeved shirt, black leather or artificial leather shoes, plain white socks free of any markings.
    Please note that canvas shoes, trainer shoes or any type of fancy shoes are not permitted.
  4. It is forbidden for students in the college to enter school premises dressed in any attire other than the college uniforms unless otherwise permission has been granted.

Items Brought to School

  1. The following items are forbidden to be brought to school and will be confiscated if detected and returned to the parents only at the end of the school career of the student or otherwise as determined by the Principal.
  2. Any students detected with pornographic material or narcotic drugs will be immediately expelled from the school.

Obligation of Parents/Guardians

  1. Parents who accompany their children when brought to school should drop the child at the gate and ensure that the child enters the school premises.
  2. Parents will not be allowed into the school premises unless with prior appointment or permission.
  3. Visits by friends of students are not permitted during school hours.
  4. If parents need to contact the child for any urgent or exceptional reasons, such visits should be arranged through the Principal, or Vice Principal, or Head Master or Sectional Heads. Such visits are allowed only to the parents or the guardian and not to any others.
  5. Parents who wish to meet the teachers should officially do so on Parents Day or through an appointment made through the Head Master/Mistress.
  6. Parents should refrain from speaking to teachers on the phone or interviewing for meeting teachers at their homes or any place outside the school.
  7. Parents who wish to meet the Vice Principal may do so on Tuesday or Thursday, when he is free from his teaching obligations. This should be arranged through the inter-com at the Security Counter before entering the premises.
  8. Parents who wish to meet the Principal, can only do so by obtaining an appointment through his Secretary.
  9. If there is an emergency, the Principal or Vice Principal of the Head Master/Mistress could be contacted through the main office or through the Security Counter.
  10. All correspondence with the Principal, regarding any boy in school should state the boy’s name with his initials, class and admission number, and should be signed by the parent or guardian.
  11. Parents are advised that teachers are not permitted to give private tuition to any boy of the school without the prior written approval of the Principal/Vice Principal. Neither are coaches contracted to the school permitted to give private coaching to any boy on the School Roll.
  12. No student of Wesley may be boarded in the homes of the staff of Wesley or of the coaches contracted with Wesley.
  13. Complaints must always be addressed, preferably in writing to the Principal or the Vice Principal. They should not be addressed directly to the person about whom the complaint is being made, whether it be a member of staff, a prefect or student of Wesley.
  14. The person receiving the complaint will report it to the necessary school authorities, and the person making the complaint should expect to receive an acknowledgement within five working days.
  15. Parents may not under any circumstances approach or write to either a teacher or a prefect directly with the complaint. This includes the Head Prefect, who is not authorised to deal with such matters.
  16. Depending on the nature of the complaint appropriate investigation will be done and in some cases it may take some time.
  17. In some instances the person making the complaint will receive an explanation of the action the school has taken, but in many cases this is not possible for reasons of confidentiality. In those cases the complainant will simply be told that the matter has been dealt with and the reason for the complain should then stop.

Disciplinary Procedures

  1. A student may be given “detention” for bad conduct, continuous lethargy in fulfilling academic requirements, or bad attendance. Such detentions may take place after school, or on Saturdays at the discretion of the Class Teacher in consultation with the Sectional Head and the Head Master/Mistress.
  2. Some students may be placed “on Report” in order to try to correct a boy who is slacking in his work or for misconduct and to keep the parents informed of his progress. The parents would be required to check the progress weekly and have it counter signed.
  3. Students found guilty of serious offences which threaten the traditional values of the school will be dealt with as follows:-
  4. In case of service breaks the Principal reserves the right to omit any or all stages of this procedure.
  5. The following offences will carry severe penalties:-

Examinations and Promotions

  1. Promotion to higher grades is not automatic. Students are expected to reach the required standards set by the school examiners in order to be promoted.
  2. It is compulsory for students to sit for end-of-term examinations. Leave during examinations will be granted only in very exceptional circumstances.
  3. All students are issued termly reports following the term examinations. Parents should ensure that they collect reports on the days assigned and ensure that the reports are duly signed and returned to their son’s class teacher during the first week of the following term.
  4. In order to be eligible to apply for public examinations as candidates of the College, students will be required to meet the standards set out by the examining board.

Leaving the School

  1. Parents are required to give as much notice as possible whenever they intend to remove a boy from the school other than at the end of his career. The minimum period of notice is three months. If such notice is not given, three months of welfare fees in lieu of notice will be deducted from the refundable deposit.
  2. No student will be allowed to remain in College after he has reached the age of 20 years. If any boy reaches the age of 20 during the course of a year, he may be allowed to stay on in the College until the end of that year at the discretion of the Principal. Students who have completed the Advanced Level Examination and wish to continue to participate and/or represent the College in extra-curricular activities, must make a written request to the Principal seeking permission to remain on Roll.

School Leaving Certificate

  1. All students are advised to fill the prescribed form to obtain leaving certificates during the last term in school and have it countersigned by the respective Master or teacher in charge of various activities along with the Accountant.
  2. A request for school leaving certificate can be made only after filling the above form and recommend that students obtain the same before the final day in school.
  3. It is not possible to issue school leaving certificates during the school holidays.
  4. No school leaving certificate will be issued without duly completing the above form and all dues are settled with the college.

Office Hours

  1. The office hours of Wesley College will be as follows:-
    7.30 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.
    (Lunch break will be from 1.30 p.m. – 2.00 p.m)
  2. Contact Numbers
    Office: 2695763