Sinhala Debate Union

It is a pleasure to announce the formation of the Debate Team in Wesley College two years ago. This provided us with the opportunity of participating in the famous television program ‘Sirisa Debater’ soon after. The TV appearance gave much publicity to our Team, paving the way for recognition and known to other schools. In fact, not only the schools, but institutions like the Law College invited our team to their Debate Program. It is worthwhile to mention that our Debate Team possess many certificates to verify their competency in this exciting art skill.


At the outset it was a difficult task to select 8 members from the entire student population because this talent in students had never been tested before. But strenuous work, dedication and proper guidance can bring can bring in encouraging results in a short time.


Students who believe in their debating skills are invited to join our Sinhala Debate Team and prove that Wesley Sinhala Debate Team can outshine other schools.

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