Media & Photographic Club/ Eastern Band

Mass media is the means used to communicate to the general public. Hence Mass Media has become the most sort out thing to the people in the world at present. This is why, children who complete their education and step out to into the society must have a sound knowledge of mass media. Wesley has paved the way to a large group of students to display their talents through the College Mass Media Unit. Not only has the Unit been able to show case their talents at many school events such as the Prize Giving, Sports Meet, Concerts, Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Wesley Walk and Elder’s Day but they were also exposed to Television as well. The members of the Media Unit use modern technology to photograph all the school events and exhibit them to the students using novel methods.

The members of this unit have displayed their capability in Oratory, Announcing and Photography at every school event, proving that the Mass Media Unit of Wesley College is an asset to the school. It could also be said that some of these students have stepped very confidently into the many areas of work not only in Sri Lanka, but overseas as well.

It is if no doubt that the members of this unit have won many awards to their credit, due to the encouragement of the Mass Media Unit of Wesley College.

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